The most featured platform for managing your nonprime automotive financing.

Lead Management

Receive applications from all sources into one queue, allowing you to view and prioritize all your leads at a glance. Track your website leads, phone-in, and in person applications, and use the queue to drive leads through to delivery. Our lead management platform captures:

  • Complete applicant & co-applicant profiles
  • Applicant & co-applicant interview answers
  • Notes from all team members throughout the customer lifecycle
  • Records of correspondence including email, phone, and text
  • View all lender decisions in one place, alongside all your applicant data
  • View credit bureaus without leaving DecisionPro 360
  • Assign and set follow up tasks on applications

Whether you lend your own funds, or finance exclusively through external lenders, the Application Queue will quickly become your go-to tool to manage your business.

Own Your Data, Securely.

In the growing age of data, security, and liability, finance offices littered with paper files just isn't an option anymore. Excel spreadsheets with lists of sensitive customer data saved on local hard drives is perilous. With DecisionPro 360, your customer's information is secure and your business will have one single source of truth for reporting.

Inventory Integration

Guide Finance Managers to the right vehicle for the approval with Integrated Inventory that drives profit. DecisionPro 360 can be configured to draw in your existing inventory, allowing finance managers to find the right vehicle for the pre-approval and payment call.

With Integrated Inventory, view your new and pre-owned vehicles from the perspective of every approval. Zero-in on vehicles that match your client's needs, loan pre-approval and payment call. Easily sort by key variables, and turn on "F&I" fields to view F&I Product Availability based on book values and more.

*Not available with some dealer inventory feeds, ask your account representative if you are able to take advantage of integrated inventory based on your current data format.

Mobile Messaging

Once teams start using DecisionPro 360, they quickly want all communication running through the platform. Use the free DecisionPro 360 Mobile Web Application to connect with applicants in realtime from anywhere. Perfect for remote workers on the road, or a finance manager out of the office.

Our free mobile application is a secure way for you to communicate with your clients over email and SMS, without exposing your personal phone number.

Integrated Bureaus

Pull Equifax and TransUnion bureaus from within the DecisionPro 360 and take advantage of Credit Score Monitoring to drive new leads*. Gauge financial responsibility using extensive credit information for more informed decisions.

DecisionPro 360 integrates directly with TransUnion and Equifax, allowing you to pull credit bureaus directly into our platform to help make critical risk assessments and prioritize leads. Add on Credit Score Monitoring to our platform, and activate new leads based on updated consumer credit data automatically.

*Credit Score Monitoring Lead Activation is an add-on to DecisionPro 360. 

Lender Decisioning

Push applications directly to Dealertrack and RouteOne from within Decision Pro 360, and receive & compare multiple decisions.

Once you've collected the requisite information from your applicant, push your application to Dealertrack or RouteOne directly from DecisionPro 360. Our platform will capture any returning decisions, and display them conveniently in your customer's application. This allows your team to stay in one web application, capturing all your decisions - internal & external, all in one dashboard.

Loan Origination System

Whether you are currently lending your own money, or interested in potentially underwriting your own loans down the line, DecisionPro 360 can help. Our platform can be configured in two ways:

  1. External Lender Only: Push every application to Dealertrack or RouteOne and receive decisions back in DecisionPro 360. You still receive all the benefits of our lead management system. If this ever changes, convert your set up to LOS.
  2. Loan Origination System (LOS): Use a combination of external lenders and your own internal lending. Your platform will be configured with the capability of submitting applicants to your own internal decisioning manager or department. Every dealer is unique, but a typical implementation of our LOS process would be:
    • Lead is received in your DecisionPro 360 queue
    • Finance Managers work with the lead to gather a complete application including bureaus
    • Finance Managers submit their application to their internal decision makers via DecisionPro 360
    • The internal lender send the decision, including conditions, to the finance manager in real time
    • The finance manager selects the vehicle, and receives the final approval - exactly like working with external banks
    • The deal is finalized, all conditions are met, and the appropriate funding is completed.

Remove the barriers to lending your own money and realizing the full financial potential of your nonprime loan business.

Single Source of Truth

By working your leads in a single platform, gain access to our expanding library of reports that deliver actionable insights into your business.


Use a platform that complements a process-driven business that promotes successful daily habits proven to drive results.

Fully Integrated

By integrating to all your external tools, you have all your data in one place and always at your fingertips.